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We love cinematography and storytelling – it’s the heart of filmmaking! We think films are a great way to place a viewer inside a different world, and get them to experience something new and thought-provoking. Filmmaking is extremely hard work, so we make sure we also keep it fun and enjoyable. Having recently graduated, we’re full of fresh ideas and keen to get involved in new projects.


A farmer turns to trafficking immigrants in order to avoid bankruptcy but plans quickly worsen when deaths occur and Henry is left wondering if he made the right decision. How far would desperation take you?

Inspired by tales of people willing to risk their lives, liberty and life savings to escape their conditions, this short drama explores the theme of desperation of those involved in human trafficking and small farm business. Henry turns to trafficking migrants to avoid bankruptcy and financial ruin, whereas the migrants are desperate for a better life overseas – both caught up in a web of desperation.

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The work behind the scenes.

Once a film idea has been greenlit, it enters pre-production to develop the script and storyboards, and start casting actors and scouting locations. After the logistics are thoroughly organised, the excitement on set begins. We’ll usually edit the footage as we go, but once we’re all wrapped up, that’s when we really start post-production. From there, we distribute our film and enter competitions. Right before we start the next one!







Working Title

After being offered what seemed like redemption, a man slowly comes to terms with his new life at a bogus company, run by a twisted and dangerous self-proclaimed vigilante. As plans escalate to the extreme, he soon realises his pinnacle role in the operation.

With a working title in early development, this is an exciting dark thriller about morality, redemption and the timeless struggle between good and evil. Inspired by scenes from Inglorious Bastards, we wanted to create the same pin-drop tension for some great edge-of-your-seat filmmaking moments. We’ve decided to develop the character and their choices to provoke thought about racism, immigration and general morality.

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Stay up to date on our adventures as we work on exciting new projects, share some of our own handy tips and templates, and delve into topical news, trends, and all things digital media!
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