Photo-restoration Museum Showcase

Emsworth Museum

We created an engaging showcase video for Emsworth Museum using photo-restoration and 2.5D animation, to inspire viewers to visit and discover more. Emsworth Museum is administered by the Emsworth Maritime & Historical Trust (EM&HT) and is fully accredited by the England’s Arts Council. The museum is dedicated to preserving the stories of its town through both its triumphs and tragedies. The aim was to create a short animated video using photos to share tales of the town’s past. As a promotional video for their website and social media pages, it would also be played inside the museum itself. The goal was to inspire visitors to visit the museum and check out the artefacts and stories around them. View our blog update here.


With the staff at the museum, we planned out a series of photos that would together tell a story. We wanted to use photo-restoration and 2.5D animation to really bring it to life. Many more of these stories are just waiting to be uncovered at the museum, and we wanted to show that through the video. Once we were happy with the idea, we started scanning the photos from the museum’s archive onto our laptop. Moving on, we then edited them back at the office to remove any scratches, rips, dust or other blemishes.

2.5D Animation

For some scenes, we cut out the subjects from their respective backgrounds and added subtle animations in parts. We then placed the individual layers in digital 3D space and animated the camera through the scene. This is known as 2.5D animation, where 2D images are used to create a 3D experience. Additionally, we created a film reel effect for a separate scene to advance the story quickly and make it feel a bit like an interesting history lesson.

Searching the Archives

A part of the video involved a story from an old newspaper, an article in 1902 from The Hampshire Chronicle. We were given a rough date by our friends at the museum, and sought after the article at the Hampshire Archives in Winchester. This entailed using their special readers to magnify these tiny rolls of microfilm, using analogue controls to scroll down and find our content. Once we’d found our story, we then used a separate machine to scan the microfilm for us to edit digitally.

Music & Sound Design

Underneath it all, we designed an immersive soundscape for each scene to really capture the atmosphere and bring them to life, coupled with a customised soundtrack to help move the story along and create a different feel at key points.


“These days eye-catching visuals are a must when informing would-be visitors what the Museum does and what we have to offer. Visual Storm quickly supplied a really excellent short photo-restoration video, which was just what we wanted. As a result of their innovative work, we have received numerous enquiries and contacts, and we would like to wish the new company every success in the future.”
– Margaret Rogers, Curator, Emsworth Museum

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  • Date January 15, 2018
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