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Visual Storm Privacy Policy

This website is operated by Visual Storm Co, a digital media production company providing video production, graphic animation and photo-restoration services (“services”). Visual Storm Co (hereafter “Visual Storm”, “we”, “our” or “us”). Visual Storm’s core values include fairness, steadiness, professionalism and respect for privacy and personal integrity. We have therefore designed this policy to explain how Visual Storm collects, uses, retains, organizes, shares, transmits and/or discloses personal data with regard to the use of this website (“processing”). This policy also applies to information collected by Visual Storm though its blogs, cookies and other technologies. Please read this policy carefully. By accessing and using the website, you represent that you have read this policy and agree to be bound by it. If you do not agree with the manner in which Visual Storm manages personal data, we advise you not to use the website.

Information We Collect

  • Information you provide:
    • Registration and contact information: When you sign up and fill in a registration or contact form, we may collect personal information to carry out your registration and provide the particular services or features which required your registration. This information may include your name, email, phone number or physical address.
    • Comments: Visual Storm may provide functionality to enable users to submit comments, suggestions and feedback. When you submit comments or provide feedback we may collect a name or username, profile picture, email address, browser information and/or IP address.
    • User content or uploads: Our website may allow users to contribute articles and blog posts or interact using interactive features of the website. All content and information you submit for such purposes is public and non-confidential. If you disclose information to third parties using our website’s interactive features, you do so at your own risk. You must have permission to post or share or transfer that content and must not violate any other person’s privacy or intellectual property rights.
  • Portfolio information: Visual Storm collects and keeps information about undertaken digital media projects so as to showcase recent or accomplished projects. This information may include your company’s name, location and website.
  • Website usage information: Visual Storm may monitor the website so as to analyse trends, track user actions and use of the website, record transactions data and collect demographic information for statistical use. No personal data will be collected through such analysis. This information includes your IP address, browser data, page views, date and time of visit and the website that referred you to Visual Storm’s website.


Cookies are pieces of text that our website saves on your device’s internet browser when you access the website. Cookies allow our website server to recognise your browser based on your previous visits and remembers actions taken on the website. We use the following types of cookies:

Session cookies: Session cookies are cookies that are only active during your browsing session. They remember user actions on the website and are erased when the user quits the browsing session or exits the browser. Session cookies help to improve navigation on the website, keep you logged in, keep track of items placed in the virtual shopping cart until checkout, offer smooth navigation experience, remember articles or blog posts you have edited or published, and where relevant, remember language preferences.

Persistent cookies: We also use cookies that can remain in your device’s storage until you manually delete them from the browser or until they expire. These are called persistent cookies. The lifetime of our persistent cookies is one year. Visual Storm uses persistent cookies to analyse how users use our website, maintain access to the website as well as to remember your browser for future visits to our website. Our persistent cookies do not install any script or program, collect personal information or send information to external websites. We also do not combine general information collected through cookies and website tracking services with personal information.

Website Analytics: We use third-party services such as Google Analytics and Cloudflare. We use Google Analytics to measure traffic and analyse, compile and report data about user actions on the website. Cloudflare helps Visual Storm to improve website performance and security. These services may set cookies which track and collect information on how users arrive to our website and how they use the website. Information collected by website analytics tools include IP addresses, device identifiers, browser information, referring website, date and time of visit, click stream as well as duration of stay on the website. These services are not owned or controlled by us. To understand what information Google Analytics collects, please visit Google Analytics’ help pages at To learn more about what information Cloudflare collects, please read Cloudflare’s privacy policy available at

Managing cookies: You can prevent cookies from being placed on your device by adjusting your internet browser’s settings to reject cookies. You may also opt to receive cookies from specific websites. For further information on how to do this, and about cookies in general, visit Please note that if you decline all cookies from this website, you may not be able to use some features of the website.

Lawful Bases for Processing of Personal Information

Visual Storm collects personal data on the following legal grounds:

  • Consent: We rely on your consent to collect registration, contact information as well as information from feedback. If you sign up and create an account or subscribe to our newsletter, you are giving us consent to process your information so as to provide such services.
  • Performance of contract: We will process your information as necessary to fulfil our obligation under any contract, including contracts for the production of digital media, between you and Visual Storm or to fulfil any request or inquiry before entering into a formal agreement.
  • Compliance with the law: We will process your information as necessary for compliance with any legal obligation as described below in this policy.
  • Legitimate interest: We may use and retain personal data in our legitimate interest to send direct marketing information to you, comply with customer requests and preferences (for example when you object to use of your data for direct marketing purposes), website analytics, offer content personalization, prevent fraudulent usage and to keep our website safe and secure.

How We Use Information

  • Provide access to and improve services: We use personal data to provide access to services, manage customer relationships, develop and service functionality and provide customer support. Examples of these uses include the following:
    • Provide products and services: We use data to confirm and carry out your orders and purchases with us and to provide you with our services such as subscriptions, offers, events, competitions, as well as to show personalized content and provide customer support. We may have to confirm your payment information and your account in relation to registration as well as subscription via the email you provided upon registration.
    • Product improvement: We use data so as to improve our existing services including among other things to update functionality or provide and increase understanding of how we can make the user experience useful for you. We use, for example, error reports to improve security features and user behaviour and we use search terms to improve relevance of search results, as well as to improve content on the website.
    • Business intelligence: We process personal data so as to develop aggregated analyses and business automation which enable us to operate our business and make informed decisions.
  • Provide personalized services: We use information to provide access to personalized services which may be based on your activities, preferences, interests or location.
  • Security and compliance with the law: We process personal information as necessary to protect our digital media rights, products, services and customer’s security so as to discover and prevent fraud, to manage litigation and enforce our terms and conditions and related agreements. We may also use information as necessary for compliance with the law.
  • Communication: We process personal information so as to communicate with you. We may, for example, contact you via email, telephone or other means to inform you about your media project, subscription, or updates to our services, terms of use and this policy, or get in touch with you in relation to customer support issues or inform you of offers and products that may be of interest to you.
  • Marketing and advertising: We use information you provide to us when you sign up, purchase products or use the services and website to send marketing and advertising which may be of interest to you based on your use and interaction of the website.

Reasons for Sharing and Disclosing Information

It may occasionally become necessary for us to share certain data about you with other companies in our legitimate interest or with companies which deliver or perform services on our behalf so that we can provide services you have requested. We may share aggregated demographic and usage information to our business partners such as current or potential investors, sponsors and advertisers for the website. Where we share personal data with such parties, we make sure that these parties comply with our requirements for personal data protection which are set out in this policy. Service providers will not have the right to use personal data obtained from Visual Storm for any other reason than what is stated in this policy.

Payment information collected on or through the website will be available to payment processors. This information is used to confirm your identity and carry out your purchases as well to prevent fraud and credit card risks.

We may also share certain information with service providers we have engaged with to provide customer support, marketing, advertising and website analytics as well as to secure and protect the Visual Storm website and services.

We may disclose information in connection with business transfers for example in the event of a merger, acquisition or asset transfer. In other cases, we may have to share, disclose or retain personal data when it is necessary to:

  • Comply with the law or judicial process or provide information to law enforcement and other governmental regulatory agencies.
  • Protect our customers, for example to detect and prevent spam, phishing and scams.
  • Manage and maintain security of our products, for example to detect and protect cyberattacks on our systems or network.
  • Protect rights or privacy to Visual Storm including enforcing our terms and conditions which govern your use of the website and services.

How Long We Retain Your Data

We retain personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it is used, for example for as long as required to enable us provide services, to maintain and improve current services, send important communication, conduct development of our services and comply with our obligations in accordance with the law. Since the need may vary for different types of data and for different types of services, products and context, the duration for which we retain information will also vary. Personal data which is no longer needed or relevant for the purposes for which it was collected will be destroyed or anonymized. Where we use data for analysis into customer insights, trends, etc. we use anonymous data which does not include personal data.

How We Protect Your Data

Visual Storm uses sufficient managerial, technical, physical and administrative measures to protect personal data from theft, loss and unlawful access, use, destruction, modification and disclosure of data. Regrettably, there is no complete security of data on the internet and our commitment to safeguard your personal data does not constitute a promise or warranty, express or implied, of data security.

What Rights You Have Over Your Data

It is important for us that you understand the rights that you have with respect to the processing of your data. These rights are explained below. To submit requests or to exercise any of your rights, contact us with your request via email at [email protected]. You have the following rights:

  • Right to withdraw consent: If the processing of personal data was based on consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time for future processing of your personal data.
  • You have the right to request access and obtain a copy of your personal data free of charge.
  • You have the right to request correction of inaccurate information.
  • You have the right, under certain circumstances, to request for erasure or deletion of your personal data.
  • You have the right to demand that we restrict the processing of your personal information we hold about you including, for example, where we do not have lawful reason to continue handling your data or where we no longer need such personal data.
  • You have the right to object to the processing or your personal data and request that we stop processing your data if we cannot demonstrate compelling justifiable reasons which overrides the interest of not having your personal data processed.

You have, under certain circumstances, the right to data portability. This means to obtain personal data we hold about you in a structured, general and machine readable format as well as the ability to transfer this data to other data controllers. This applies to cases where we have the right to process personal data based either on your consent or performance of contract with you.

Embedded Content From Other Websites

Occasionally, our website may contain embedded content and links from other websites. This content may include articles, blog posts, videos, images and/or text. If you access such content or links, the external websites hosting the content and links may collect information about you including setting up additional tracking cookies and track your interaction with the embedded content. Visual Storm does not monitor or review embedded content and we will not assume liability for loss or damage arising out of use or misuse of embedded content.

Transfer of Data

In general, Visual Storm processes personal data within the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) including collection, storage and destruction. However, in some cases, Visual Storm may use third parties that are located outside of the EU/EEA, for example for website hosting or email services and for development and maintenance of our website and network. This means that such third parties may have access to personal data. Where processing of personal data happens outside of the EU/EEA, we will make sure that third parties process data lawfully and in accordance with the adequate level of protection required by the EU-Commission. We primarily use standardized model clauses which are approved of the EU-Commission for transfer of personal data.

Data Breach Notification

When Visual Storm becomes aware of a personal data breach which is likely to occasion a risk to your individual rights and freedoms, we will, as soon as practicable, notify you of the nature of the breach, the potential consequences of that breach and the measures you can adopt to reduce the potential consequences of that breach.

Automated Decision Making

Visual Storm may make decisions based on automated processing, including profiling of personal data only where there is a lawful reason to do so and as long as automated processing does not entail significant legal effects or significantly impact on your individual rights. We may engage in automated processing when such processing is: authorised by the law based on your explicit consent, or necessary for performance in any contract between you and us. For example, we may automate data processing activities for online advertising purposes. Where we do so we will ensure that automated processing is not intrusive and respects your online choices if you have made any.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may need to update our privacy policy when necessary to reflect customer feedback or changes in our services. When the policy is updated, we will change the date of the last update in the last part of this policy and changes will be outlined in this policy including when the changes will take effect. If we make major changes to this policy, or the way we handle your personal data, we will notify you either via the website or email before changes take effect if the law so requires.

How To Contact Us

For questions, complaints or requests regarding this policy or how to exercise your rights, please contact us via email at [email protected].

This version of the Visual Storm Privacy Policy is effective as of July 2018

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